A taco that says “dessert” almost as much as it says “dinner”  Sweet fried plantains covered with a delicious coating are paired up with savory black beans. Topped off with a few select toppings, the sweet and savory flavors combine to make a very satisfying taco that is sure to please.

A tangy chimichurri sauce along with pinto beans and roasted potatoes.  We really like this one.  The chimichurri sauce really elevates plain old beans and potatoes, and as always the cojita cheese adds a nice saltiness.

Korean BBQ Tofu Taco

October 17 , 2017 by Taco Chef - in Yes Taco

Another taco that breaks the norm with fantastic results! This one was a surprise for sure. We wanted to step out of the normal taco and try something different. Most of the time it falls short but this one blew us away. We will certainly make this one again, probably sooner than later.

Low Fodmap Fajitas Migas

September 19 , 2017 by Taco Chef - in No Taco

In a rut? A fajita style taco with an egg base gives a change up for typical taco Tuesday. This taco has a few upsides, simple cheap ingredients and a very easy prep. But it fell short for us on the taste factor.  We wanted to like it and it wasn’t terrible, but really wasn’t special […]

A meaty blend of walnuts topped with classic taco ingredients and finished with a sour cream mixture that makes for a great quick taco. To be fair this wasn’t as good as the first time we made to for a few reasons. But we felt the need to make it again in order to review […]

Savory beans, sweet corn and lime juice combine to make a quick, easy, and affordable Taco Tuesday. While the taste of this taco is slightly above average (compared to other tacos we’ve like) this one is a clear winner in cost and convenience.

A creamy sunflower sauce provides the base for a hearty carrot and lentil filling. Topped with sliced avocados, shredded cabbage, and cojita cheese, this taco has a nice texture and the sunflower cream adds a great smoothness as well. We enjoyed eating this taco and it is tasty. It also strikes us as a good […]

A savory baked tofu is combined with a tangy cilantro cream cilantro sauce and topped off with some sweet corn for balance. The extra cost is well worth it with this taco. Really eye appealing with equaled taste to match. We strayed a bit from the original recipe partially for taste, and partially for convenience.

A loaded guac that’s a meal on its own is paired with a nicely elevated black bean to make a can’t miss taco Tuesday. A little more work up front and a slightly higher price pays off well. These things look and taste great.

Crispy chickpeas take the place of boring old suburban taco meat in this new take on an old classic.