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A taco that says “dessert” almost as much as it says “dinner”  Sweet fried plantains covered with a delicious coating are paired up with savory black beans. Topped off with a few select toppings, the sweet and savory flavors combine to make a very satisfying taco that is sure to please.

Savory beans, sweet corn and lime juice combine to make a quick, easy, and affordable Taco Tuesday. While the taste of this taco is slightly above average (compared to other tacos we’ve like) this one is a clear winner in cost and convenience.

A loaded guac that’s a meal on its own is paired with a nicely elevated black bean to make a can’t miss taco Tuesday. A little more work up front and a slightly higher price pays off well. These things look and taste great.

Roasted potatoes and black bean tacos.  Its all in the title. Two main ingredients combined to make a nice quick and easy taco for you on a Tuesday night. Overall a nice easy recipe that is inexpensive to make. This can benefit from a little experimentation, but is a good overall platform to build from.